Hours, fees and holidays


Normal hours are 7.30am to 6.00pm Monday - Friday.


Each year I may take up to 6 weeks unpaid holiday time. I will give no less than 4 weeks advance notice of the holiday dates.

Bank Holidays

If your contracted days fall on a bank holiday and you do not require my services full fees are due. If you do require my services for the contracted hours double fees are payable.


Standard Rate £5.25
Pre/post school pick up/drop off £6.50
Outside normal hours Double time
Sickness of child/parent Normal hourly fee
Sickness of childminder No fee
Occasional days off (child) Normal hourly fee
Childminder's annual holiday No fee
Parent's/child's annual holiday (4 weeks only) Full fee
Late payment fee £7.50 per day until payment is received
Overtime rate (£2.50 per 15 minutes) £10 per hour

My fees are calculated to cover expenses such as snacks, drinks, heating, electricity, toys, petrol, safety equipment, arts and crafts activities, cleaning materials, Public Liability Insurance, First Aid Supplies, Registration Fees and my training.

Additional care or alterations will be billed or refunded manually at the end of the month.

I ask all parents to pay childminding fees in advance. This is to protect me from non-payment. If payment is not received as agreed as pre the contract, the child will not be minded until payment is received. If it becomes a repeated problem, it is grounds for termination of contract.

“My child is very happy to stay with Donna and that's all that matters.”