Our policies :: childcare protection policy

As a childminder, I am required to have a child protection policy in place, which outlines the action I must take where I may have concerns about the welfare or safety of a child in my care.

All parents who wish to place their child in my care must read and sign this document to indicate they are aware of my responsibilities in caring for their child.

Where I have concerns about a child's welfare or well-being, or if there is any accident or incident which occurs while any child is in my care, I will make a note of these and discuss with parents. Parents are welcome to see these notes and have copies.

If I feel particularly worried about the welfare or safety of the child, I will encourage parents, or see their permission, to contact other agencies that may be able to help. In exceptional circumstances, where I am very worried about a child and this concern, is not or cannot be shared with the parent, I will contact Social Services for advice and possible action on their part.

In all circumstances relating to the well-being and safety of a child, I will:

  • Keep records, which may be passed onto agencies in the interest of the child and ensure that any adults who work with me work to these principles and procedures.
  • At all times, I will endeavour to keep the parents informed of any concerns I may have.
  • Ensure that I keep up with issues around the care and protection of children.
  • Ensure that I care for your children in a way that respects their dignity, keeps them safe and encourages their general development.

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