Our policies :: indipendant arrival at childminders policy

I am happy to mind older children who are at secondary school and who wish to arrive at my home independently, however I can't be held responsible for your child's safety until s/he arrives into my care.

I will need to know in advance details of their anticipated times of arrival, if they are staying at school for a club, sports fixture or detention I will need to be notified. If there are any unexpected changed please let me know or ask your child to let me know by text.

If I your child fails to arrive at the anticipated time, I will try to contact them on their mobile phone to confirm their whereabouts. If I am unable to make contact I will contact you for further guidance. If you are unavailable I will contact the school. In the unlikely event that I have been unable to locate your child I will contact the police for further guidance.

These procedures are not meant to alarm you but to reassure you that I am providing the bet care possible for your child.

If you are planning for your child to arrive independently to me please let me know sow we can ensure that all parties involved are fully aware of these procedures and any alterations made to them.

“We are more than comfortable to have our boy being looked after by Donna - she is kind & always smiles.”