Our policies :: video games policy

I have the following video game resources that are available for the children I my care:

  • Playstation 2

These games can be very helpful in developing skills such as:

  • Hand eye co-ordination
  • Timing
  • Turn taking
  • Educational

However I feel that the time spent on these should be limited. I will discuss with parents on a regular basis the games that they are happy for their children to be playing and how long I will allow them to play. I will work with you to develop strategies for limiting the time played so as for it not to become an issue with your child. For example time warnings, providing memory cards so games can be saved etc.

I will not allow any child to play with game that are of a violent nature. If your child wishes to bring games with them to play I would be grateful if you would discuss with me first, as I care for children of all ages and I need to ensure the suitability of them.

If you do not wish your child to play with video games or if they have a condition that might be triggered by them please let me know.

“My child is very happy to stay with Donna and that's all that matters.”