Our policies :: health and safety policy


To promote good hygiene, I:

  • Ensure all surfaces, equipment, toys and utensils are kept clean and any dangerous items repaired or discarded.
  • Ensure all meals and snacks if provided by myself are nutritious and washed, prepared and stored correctly.
  • Ensure all matter of personal hygiene are attended to in the appropriate manner.


To prevent accidents and promote health, I:

  • Ask parents to keep their children away if they are ill or have an infection (see Illness policy)
  • Ensure my first aid equipment is kept clean, current and replenished, with sterile items kept sealed in their packages until needed.
  • I have successfully completed my First Aid Course.
  • Record any incidents or accidents, pre-existing injuries and details of any medication.
  • Ensure that there is no smoking on the premises.


To maintain a safe environment, I:

  • Ensure children are supervised at all times and safety checks are made regularly, both indoors and out.
  • Ensure all dangerous materials and items are kept out of reach from children or places in cupboards with safety catches.
  • Ensure appropriate safety devices are in place eg. Fire blankets, socket covers, safety catches, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and safety gates.
  • Ensure safety restraints in pushchairs, highchairs and the car are appropriate.
  • Ensure the MOT and Insurance for the car and the Profession Indemnity Insurance details are suitable and up to date.

Fire Safety Policy

My home has been inspected for fire safety and suitability as a childminding facility, by the local fire brigade. Smoke detectors are fitted and regularly tested and maintained. I have access to a telephone and have a fire blanket located in the kitchen. These would only be used if a fire were preventing escape from the building. If a smoke detector sounds or a fire is detected the priority is to evacuate the building.

I have a FIRE ESCAPE PLAN in place and drilled regularly. We would assemble a safe distance from my property. Parents or their emergency contacts would be called as soon as practicable to arrange collection of the children.

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